While we may not be able to serve fancy lattes with exquisite art or delicious frappes and smoothies (yet)
we can however brew up a hand ground, fair trade, organic, hand crafted pour over coffee,
said to be, by many of our customers, the best and most flavorful cup of coffee in town.
Do you prefer Tea over coffee? Try a cup of one of our twelve fair trade, organic loose leaf teas
or grab a tea bag to go from our 20+ flavors of tea.

The Pour Over Process

Pour-over coffee is not the fastest or cheapest cup of coffee, but it produces one of the most flavorful cups of coffee around.

Every cup of pour over coffee is meticulously measured using our super secret // super specific ratio for grams of coffee to grams of water. The beans are then ground using a hand grinder to ensure the utmost freshness of coffee and are ground to our specific measurements to ensure all the flavor and none of the acidity // bitterness make it into the  final product. We then add enough water to bloom the grounds allowing CO2 molecules to escape which enables the unique flavors of each type of coffee to be released. The process is then finished with the pour over method agitating the grounds just enough to allow full flavor and none of the bitterness to be released.

The entire process from start to finish should take four to five minutes and while it's not a quick cup of joe, you can be assured that each cup of coffee will be full of flavor, smooth, and made with the highest specificity, quality, attention and love, just how it should be.